The Prez’s Turn

   President: Emily Slaughter

MAY 2022

Welcome to the May Prez’s Report. Time’s flying again as life gets back into full swing! There has been a great increase of new members to the club and we welcome them all and hope that they find the love and passion for woodworking that rest of us have. We are an entirely volunteer organisation that requires a lot of support to keep things up and running for our members and the community. So that means you! Please come and help out with toy workshops, milling days, moving sawdust, Bunnings BBQ, stalls and events, raffle tickets sales, attending general meetings and supporting the annual woodshow. Maybe even think about joining the committee, we can only be as great as the support the membership give.

The first aid session went off without a hitch. On Monday 11th April, about 30 members participated in the session which focussed on managing an emergency scene, DRSABC, CPR and using a defibrillator. A huge thank you to Gary Lovell and Stuart Zanali for giving up their personal time to come and update the members. On the same night, the supervisors had a catch-up to review the club processes and procedures and collaborate on making their jobs easier and safer. Thank you to all the supervisors and members that attended the night.

Len Taylor has been unwell of late but is slowly getting back to good health. Hopefully this continues as the Volunteer of the Year Award ceremony is coming up on Monday 16th May at Eastbank. As such the May General Meeting will be held on Monday 23rd May to allow the committee to attend the presentation night. We wish Len good health and the best of luck for the awards night. A huge thank you to two of our other life members, Don McCrabb and Vern Marven for running the segmented turning sessions. All participants agreed that they were fantastic, taught them an awful lot and are really proud of the final results. Make sure you ask Tony Hicks, Eric Dillon, John Shannon, Helen Everist or myself to see the finished pieces!

We are still in need of support for the following jobs/role around the club; Toy Coordination (see Emily), Fundraising, raffle (see Emily), Sourcing timber for toy making (see Perrie), Making raffle prizes (see Willis), Woodshow sub-committee (see Len).

The Department of Education has sourced a consultant to come and complete the agreed building inspection to support going forward in relation to the club premises. This was done several weeks ago along with surveying of the surrounding land. Hopefully we will be able to finalise the lease very soon!

Lastly, a few quick reminders and upcoming events;

** The website appears to be full at the moment so please be patient whilst we update it. This may take a few months so please make sure that you read the newsletter and check your emails and the club noticeboard for up-to-date information. ** Bunnings BBQ is on for Saturday 28th May and we need volunteers to help run the day. Please see Wayne Richards or put your name on the club noticeboard. ** North East Gathering is also on for Saturday 28th May in Wangaratta. If you are interested in attending please put your name on the club noticeboard. ** When you are working in the clubrooms, you must check in with the supervisor once you have signed in. The supervisors name will be posted above the sign in book from now on. Also make sure that you start packing up and cleaning 15 minutes prior to the session end time. This allows a good amount of time to make sure cleaning is happening and is done to a good standard. ** Saturday 30th April is the April Toy Workshop. This month the morning session will focus on breaking apart pallets and preparing timber for toy making. Please bring your muscles and crowbars!

APRIL 2022

Welcome to the April Prez’s Report. We have seen an increase of members returning to the clubrooms, timber being bought in from the mill, cleaning up and storing of wood for members to purchase and the sharing of knowledge. It’s been really lovely seeing the club getting back to normal again. Make sure that you come in and catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

Len has been working hard organising an emergency siren for the clubrooms. The committee has been deliberating for several months about the best way to deal with an emergency situation. We decided that an emergency siren was the best way to go, to alert anyone in the clubrooms to immediately stop what they are doing and turn off the machinery around them. When you are next in, make sure you ask for a demonstration. A big thank you to Len for all his work getting this organised and wired up.

On the same topic of Len Taylor – he has been nominated for the Volunteer of the Year Award (long serving award) through the council. This is well deserved and something the club is very proud to support. Monday 16th May is the presentation night at Eastbank. As such the May General Meeting will be moved to Monday 23rd May to allow for the committee to attend the presentation night. Fingers crossed that Len takes out this prestigious award.

Our long awaited first aid training has been organised for Monday 11th April at 7:30pm. This training will focus on how to use the defibrillator, dealing with amputations/abrasions and electrocutions. The session is open to all members to attend and we strongly encourage everyone to come along. If you are interested can you please write your name on the noticeboard in the meeting room.

We are still in need of support on the committee. It has been decided that I will shift over to the Treasurer position when Barry heads off on holidays, which will leave the Toy Coordinator position available. There are some members who are keen to be a part of the toy sub-committee and help organise and make the toys. However, we still need someone to take on the role of coordinator. This entails managing the quality of toys, number of toys, sourcing wood, supporting the sub-committee with their needs and reporting back to the committee at monthly meetings. If you can please spare some time to help the club, please get in touch with any of the committee. Len has also put a call out for anyone interested in being on the woodshow sub-committee. Let him know if you can spare some time.

Perrie and other members have been very busy keeping the wood supply in the clubrooms full for members to purchase. They are also looking for some help on milling days and during the week cleaning up the milled timber at the clubrooms. Keep an eye out for more information in the newsletter, on the website and the meeting room noticeboard. Or have a chat with Perrie next time you’re in the clubrooms.

Lastly, hopefully you’ve noticed the new bins in the kitchen! Thanks to Chris Harvey, we now have two clearly labelled bins for general rubbish and recycling. Please put your rubbish in the correct bin – tea bags go in the general rubbish. Help us be better recyclers and keep our kitchen clean and tidy.

MARCH 2022

This last month has flown by with lots of things happening at the club and our world slowly getting back to normal. I know I say this every month, but it has been so very nice to see some old faces slowly returning to the workshop! At this month’s meeting, there were 17 members and a lovely cuppa and chat afterwards. We’d love to see as many members attending our monthly general meetings as possible. This is where you get all the most current information about what’s going on and get to meet other members too.

On the topic of supporting our club – we are in need of several members to join us on the committee. Our treasurer is heading away and we need to replace him for about five months. We also need two more committee members to help us keep the club running. There is always a lot to do and at the moment we seem to have the same members volunteering again and again and they are getting tired. Without a full committee, we cannot run the club to its best potential and keep all those wonderful events and workshops happening. Please consider volunteering your time to join us and help support the club that we all love – new or old members most welcome.

The COVID restrictions have changed once again and as such the club has updated its COVID safe plan to reflect these changes. Face masks are no longer required indoors except in specific locations. Whilst this means they are not required at the club, we ask members to please consider continuing to wear masks whilst in the clubrooms. This goes a long way to keeping our members safe.

Last Saturday instead of running our normal toy workshop for February, we ran a working bee for the outside of the clubrooms. This was well overdue and the club looks fantastic. It was wonderful to see so many members turn up to help out. After two trailer loads taken to the tip, the entire outside of the club looks fantastic! A huge thank you to all those members who came and helped out in quite hot conditions. Hopefully the morning tea helped booster morale!

Next week Vern Marven and Don McCrabb will run some sessions where they will share their expertise around segmented turning. Places filled up within a day of the notice going on the board! We look forward to seeing what the members come up with! There have been several requests for more furniture restoration/making sessions. They will also be coming up in the next few months. Make sure that your fees are up-to-date and keep an eye on the newsletter for further details.

A reminder that our woodshow is happening this year. Finally, it looks like we will be running our 30th show on the 1st and 2nd October at the Showgrounds. So, get working away on items that you might like to sell at the show and have a chat to Len and see what you can help get ready. We will begin making the raffle prizes soon, thus volunteers will be needed for that. Keep an eye out on the newsletter, website and emails.

Lastly, a few weekends ago we were able to hold our 2021 Christmas Party. It was a great night with good food and lots of catching up. Len was the perfect MC and was a great help in supporting me through running my first Christmas Party as President. We gave out our annual awards and I would like to congratulate; Chris Harvey on the Tom Tacey Award, Helen Everist on the Les Baldwin Encouragement Award and Vern Marven on his Life Membership. And much to Len Taylor’s surprise, he was presented with the inaugural Len Taylor Excellence Award! This has been nearly three years in the making and secret well-kept between a few members and his family. Len has been one of the longest serving members of the club at 31 years and has done every role available to him. He has volunteered an extraordinary amount of time for something he loves. This award is well deserved and one that he should be very proud of.


Welcome to 2022 and it’s certainly started with a bang! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year. It has been fantastic to see members returning to the clubrooms to get back to some woodworking and catching up with mates. We have already had to deal with another positive COVID case at the club and unfortunately, I think we may have more to come. That is why it is vital that all members make sure that they are aware of the club’s opening guidelines and abide by them. We have an older population at the club and we must do our best to keep them and all our members safe – social distancing, washing and sanitising of hands, wearing masks, signing in (QR code), checking temperatures, spraying machinery and tools at the end of each session and staying home if you have any symptoms or are feeling unwell.

We farewell Janet Wills from the club. Janet formally resigned her membership before Christmas. Janet has been a member for many years and spent many hours volunteering at various events including the woodshow, showcasing her lace bobbins and trivets. We thank her for all she has done for the club and keep an eye out for next month’s newsletter where she will be our member of focus. Allan Fowler has also moved and is now living at Warramunda in Kyabram. Hopefully we can still see Allan around from time to time and we also thank him for his dedication to the club and making toys.

The Christmas Party was up for discussion at the general meeting last week. The decision was made to go ahead and as such it has been rebooked for Saturday 12th February at 6:30pm. We have been allocated the upstairs function room with thanks to the Aussie Hotel and we’d love to see as many members there as possible. It will be great to finally be able to award Life Membership to Vern Marven and our annual awards as well. Make sure you confirm your attendance with Len Taylor and secure your spot now!

Talking about Christmas – the toy giveaway was a success again this year. Even after another roller coaster year for the club, we were able to create and giveaway about 300 toys to four different charities in the Goulburn Valley. The toy giveaway is steeped in tradition and fulfils the founding mission of the club and forms an important and major element of what we must continue to do. A sincere thanks to all the members that attended toy workshops throughout the year, the members who took toys home to continue working on them and most of all Len Taylor (and Willis Mundy) who stepped in to coordinate.

The website continues to be updated on a regular basis. We now have a ‘Members Area’, where you can find functional information about the club. This now includes the supervisor rosters, the Prez’s Turn and the newsletters. Make sure you check it regularly for up-to-date information –

Finally, the call we have been waiting for … we have been given the formal confirmation that the GV Woodworkers will be staying at our Packham St residence! Len Taylor, Perrie Bullock, Emma Hofmeyer and myself met with Tony Natalizio from the Department of Education last week to discuss the terms of the new lease. This will take some time to prepare and negotiate and may be more complicated than we first thought. However, it is fantastic news and something to be very grateful for. A huge thank you to the previous committee and president, Bob Beecroft, who for two long years, worked tirelessly to get the club to this point. Stay tuned for more information to come and opportunities to have your say about the direction of the club.


Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas everyone! The jolly season is here and as we wind down for another eventful year, there are a few reminders and thank yous that need to go out … The club has reopened and is ready to go again. A huge thank you to the committee for all that they have done in the last few weeks in making sure that we were and continue to be safe. It’s been a big few weeks!

** The annual Toy Giveaway has now been rescheduled for Monday 13th December at 4pm at the clubrooms. All members are welcome to come along and celebrate all that we have achieved during this topsy turvy year.

** The annual cleaning day is still scheduled for Saturday 18th December. We’d love to see as many members there as we can – many hands make light work. A great way to have a final cuppa and catch up before the new year. Who knows, Santa might even turn up!

** The club will reopen on Tuesday 4th January 2022. It’s going to be a great year, bigger and better than ever! The January supervisor roster is below.

** Finally some good news about the premises; Perrie and myself had a meeting with Suzanna Sheed this morning and she has assured us that we will be at our current premises long term. The process around formalising this will still take some time, but we can rest easy for now. Fantastic news to round out the year!

Wishing you all a safe, joyful and very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Hello Everyone. Welcome to my first Prez’s Turn for 2021. What a year it’s been and we still have more to go! Firstly, I would like to thank the outgoing committee members for all their hard work in what has been a tough few years for the club. Chris Harvey, who had to take on three roles at a time this year, has been a long-serving member of the committee. Bob Beecroft has been president for three years and was particularly engaged in pursuing new premises for the club, running profitable woodshows and much more. The club is incredibly indebted for all their hard work and we wish them good health and luck in whatever they throw themselves into next.

I would also like to thank club members for supporting me to take up the opportunity to be the new president and lead the club into 2022. I am very humbled with the support I have received and will work hard to make sure that I do everything for the benefit of the club. The new committee are going to be dynamite and I thank them also for jumping on board. Don’t forget to come and say G’Day anytime. Sit and have a chat about all things wood or share your ideas for the club – my door is always open.

As we move towards the end of the year, life inevitably gets busier. Our AGM was a great success with 17 members and 2 visitors in attendance. As you may be aware, the woodshow dates have been moved several times. Due to the Macintosh Centre continuing to be used as a vaccination hub, we have had to postpone the show once again. The new dates are the 1st and 2nd October 2022. This will mean it is back in line with our normal timing, with the Award’s Night being held on 1st at the Golf Club. Write it in your diaries and lock it in!

The long-term leasing of our premises is still up in the air and as yet we still have no official word about our current location being extended into a formal longer term lease. Perrie and myself will continue to push the Department of Education to get an answer before the end of the year.

The Toy Giveaway is booked in for Monday 6th December at 7pm at the clubrooms. Whilst we have fewer toys than usual, the charities we support, are super excited to be receiving our toys once more. All members are invited to come along and participate in the handover and stay for a chat and some light refreshments.

The annual Christmas Party is on again at the Aussie Hotel on Saturday 4th December at 6:30pm. We will be in the function room upstairs and meals can be purchased off the menu from downstairs. Several awards will be presented on the night including the Tom Tacey Award and Les Baldwin Encouragement Award. The Tom Tacey Award is given to a member who has shown outstanding service to the club in many different ways. The Encouragement Award is generally presented to a member newish to the club who has shown willingness to help out where they can. A Life Membership will also be presented, a first in quite a few years. Enormous congratulations go to Vern Marven who will be receiving this award! Please check out the article on Vern in the following pages. Can’t wait to see you all there and who knows who else could be receiving an award!

Happy Woodworking

Regards – Emily Slaughter (President)